Data Administration Roles in DBMS

Data Administration Roles: 

Data administration separates the business aspects of data resource management from the technology used to manage data, it is more closely aligned with the actual business users of data. The Data administrator is a business oriented individual more involved in requirements gathering, analysis, and design than the DBA. They establish the flow of data around the organization and between databases and other systems. Many organizations, in addition to Database Administrators, will also have a Data Administrator. Database Administrators are concerned with the data needs and data flows throughout the entire organization. Thus Data Administrators are responsible for:

1. Specifying data standards across databases

2. Establishing policies: data usage, security and authorization, data flows into and out of the organization.

3. Assisting the application development process by identifying data resources in the organization.

4. Arbitrating the sharing of data across departments.

5. Increasing the return on an organization's data investment.

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