What is Process Framework ?

The Process Framework establishes the foundation for a complete software engineering process. The process of framework defines a small set of activities that are applicable to all types of projects, regardless of  size or complexity. The software process framework is a collection of task sets. Task sets consist of a collection of small work tasks, project milestones, work productivity and software quality assurance points. The Process Framework encompasses five activities :

1. Communication
2. Planning
3. Modeling
4. Construction
5. Deployment

1. Communication : The basic requirement gathering takes place in communication with the client before the technical work. It also inclueds other stakeholders to gather the required information.

2. Planning : In this activity a plan to be followed will be created which will describe the technical tasks to be conducted, risk analysis, resource estimation, work schedule etc.

3. Modeling : A model will be created to better understand the requirements anddesign to achieve these requirements. 

4. Construction : In This activity the code of the software is generated. Also, testing is done to uncover errors.

5. Deployment : The desired software is then deployed to the customer. The customer evaluates it and give feedbacks based on the evaluation.

There are various components in the Process framework which are :
  • Umbrella activities
  • Action
  • Task Sets
  • Worksets
At above, all these four components are very important and necessary for process framework. 

Figure : Process Framework

In process framework a set of framework activities are stabilized which we can already looked above. It also includes umbrella activities. umbrella activities are those which occur through the software and focus on control, tracking, project management. All these framework activities are populated by a set of actions. The actions are nothing but the related tasks that produce a major software engineering work product. And further each action is populated with work tasks that are used to accomplish some part of the work implied by the action.

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