What is Specialized Process model ?

Special process models take on many of the characteristics of one or more of the conventional models. However, specialized models tend to be applied when a narrowly defined software engineering approach is chosen. In Specialized process model there's mainly component based development is used.

Component Based Development :

Component-based development (CBD) is a procedure that accentuates the design and development of computer-based systems with the help of reusable software components. With CBD, the focus shifts from software programming to software system composing. Component-based development techniques involve procedures for developing software systems by choosing ideal off-the-shelf components and then assembling them using a well-defined software architecture. With the systematic reuse of coarse-grained components, CBD intends to deliver better quality and output. Component-based development is also known as component-based software engineering (CBSE).

The idea behind Component-based development is to integrate the related parts and reuse them collectively. These integrated parts are known as components. Component-based development techniques consist of non-conventional development routines, including component evaluation, component retrieval, etc. It is important that the CBD is carried out within a middleware infrastructure that supports the process, for example, Enterprise Java Beans.

The applications of Component-based development are as follows :
  • Save time and money when building large and complex systems: Developing complex software systems with the help of off-the-shelf components helps reduce software development time substantially. Function points or similar techniques can be used to verify the affordability of the existing method.
  • Enhance the software quality: The component quality is the key factor behind the enhancement of software quality.
  • Detect defects within the systems: The CBD strategy supports fault detection by testing the components; however, finding the source of defects is challenging in CBD.

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