Developing Use-Cases in Software Engineering

In developing use-cases, each use-case tells stylized story about how end-users interact with the system under a specific set of circumstances. The steps are as follows :

1. First step is to identify actors (people or devices) that use the system in the context of the function and behavior of the system to be described.
  • Who are the primary (interact with each other) or secondary (support system) actors?
  • What are the actor’s goals?
  • What preconditions must exist before story begins?
  • What are the main tasks or functions performed by each actor?
  • What exceptions might be considered as the story is described?
  • What variations in actor interactions are possible?
  • What system information will the actor acquire, produce, or change?
  • Will the actor need to inform the system about external environment changes?
  • What information does the actor desire from the system?
  • Does the actor need to be informed about unexpected changes?

2. Next step is to elaborate the basic use case to provide a more detailed description needed to populate a use-case template 

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