HTML Editor Software

In previous post, we create an HTML file using notepad, but there also some good text editors available to create/edit html files and documents. Now lets see some of the best HTML editors, which are available for free :

1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is free and very light-weight text and source code editor for Microsoft windows, which supports several languages. You can download and install Notepad++ from the below link :

Now to start coding HTML with Notepad++, just goto 'Language' and change it into HTML.

2. Sublime Text :

Sublime Text is a proprietary,  cross-platform source code editor. It is not free like Notepad++, but you can use it as an evaluation or as a trialware. You can download it from its Official Website :

And if you use Unix/Linux Operating system, then you can use vi/vim, nano or gedit for editing creating html files. And also sublime text is available for unix/linux based systems.

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