Initiating the Requirements Engineering Process

Initiating the Requirements Engineering Process means starting the process of Requirements Engineering. The main questions asked during the starting of requirement engineering process are as follow :

1. Identify stakeholders.

2. Recognize the existence of multiple stakeholder viewpoints.

3. Work toward collaboration among stakeholders.

4. These context-free questions focus on customer, stakeholders, overall goals, and benefits of the system :
  • Who is behind the request for work ?
  • Who will use the solution ?
  • What will be the economic benefit of a successful solution?
  • Is there another source for the solution needed?

5. The next set of questions enable developer to better understand the problem and the customer’s perceptions of the solution :
  • How would you characterize good output form a successful solution?
  • What problem(s) will this solution address?
  • Can you describe the business environment in which the solution will be used?
  • Will special performance constraints affect the way the solution os approached?
  • The final set of questions focuses on communication effectiveness
  • Are you the best person to give “official” answers to these questions?
  • Are my questions relevant to your problem?
  • Am I asking too many questions?
  • Can anyone else provide additional information?
  • Should I be asking you anything else?

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