Negotiating Requirements in Software Engineering ?

To negotiate the requirements of a system to be developed, it is necessary to identify conflicts and to resolve those conflicts. Conflicts can arise during all requirements engineering activities. For example, different stakeholders can utter contradicting requirements during elicitation. Requirements negotiations are about a software that is to be developed. Thus, the specifics of software itself and of the process of designing and developing it have a strong influence on the medium that used in the negotiation process. Requirements negotiation should be used early on and repeated in later stages. The main elements of Negotiating Requirements are as follows :

  • Identification of system key stakeholders
  • Determination of stakeholders’ “win conditions”
  • Negotiate to reconcile stakeholders’ win conditions into “win-win” result for all stakeholders (including developers)

The goal of requirement negotiation is to produce a win-win result before proceeding to subsequent software engineering activities.

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