What is Deployment

The deployment activity encompasses three actions delivery, support, and feedback. The modern software process models are evolutionary in nature, deployment happens not once, but a number of times as software moves towards completion. Each delivery cycle provides the customer and end-users with an operational software increment that provides usable functions and features. The delivery of a software increment represents an important milestone for any software project. A number of key principles should be followed as the team prepares to deliver an increment:

1. Customer expectations for the software must be managed :- The customer expects more than the team has promised to deliver and disappointment occurs immediately. This results in feedback that is not productive and which ruins team morale.

2. A complete delivery package should be assembled and tested :- A CD_ ROM or other media containing all executable software, support data files, support document, and other relevant information must be assembled and thoroughly beta- tested with actual users.

3. A support regime must be established before the software is delivered :- An end-user expects responsiveness and accurate information when a question or problem arises. Support should be planned, support material should be prepared, and appropriate record keeping mechanism should be established so that the software team can conduct a categorical assessment of the kinds of support requested required.

4. Appropriate instructional materials must be provided to end-users :- The software team delivers more than the software itself. Appropriate training aids should be developed, trouble-shooting guidelines should be provided and a “what’s- different about- this-software-increment” description should be published.

5. Buggy software should be fixed first, delivered later :- Under time pressure, some software organizations deliver low-quality increments with a warning to the customer that bugs “will be fixed in the next release”. This is a mistake.

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