What is Requirement Engineering ?

Requirements engineering is the process of conforming engineering designs to a set of core software requirements. This is critically important for creating accurate results in software engineering. The software requirements are description of features and functionalities of the target system. Requirements convey the expectations of users from the software product. The requirements can be obvious or hidden, known or unknown, expected or unexpected from client’s point of view. The goal of requirement engineering is to develop and maintain sophisticated and descriptive ‘System Requirements Specification’ document. The requirement engineering is also known as requirement analysis.

In requirements engineering, engineers look at a set of data pertaining to the goals and objectives of the software: how it will work and what are the qualities of the properties it must have to provide the results needed. Engineers then work forward from these data to look at specific coding solutions that support these results. The  main elements of requirement engineering are :

  • Requirements solicitation, where a software company gets the requirements from a client
  • Requirements analysis
  • Requirements verification, where engineers confirm that the requirements are accurate.
  • Requirements specification
  • Requirements management, which matches processes to their requirements.

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