What is Scenario based modeling ?

In the requirements analysis phase of software development, system requirements are often captured as scenarios that are described within a use case. A scenario describes the interactions between the system and actors in order to achieve a goal for some stakeholders. Scenarios are often written as textual narratives which are then transformed into different kinds of models toward the system design and implementation.

Although the success of a computer-based system or product is measured in many ways, user satisfaction resides at the top of the list. If you understand how end users want to interact with a system, your software team will be better able to properly characterize requirements and build meaningful analysis and design models. Hence, requirements modeling with UML begins with the creation of scenarios in the form of use cases, activity diagrams.

The use-cases are simply an aid to defining what exists outside the system and what should be performed by the system. And for this use cases, we need to have the answers for below questions :

1. What should we write about ?
2. How much should we write about it ?
3. How detailed should we make our description ?
4. How should we organize the description ?

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