Features of MySql

Some of The Main features of MySQL is as follows :

1. Speed : MySQL works very quickly and works well even with large data sets. But it also depends primarily on the server hardware.

2. Easy-to-use : MySQL is a high-performance, relatively simple database system. From the beginning, MySQL has typically been configured, monitored, and managed from the command line. However, there's also several MySQL graphical interfaces are available, such as, MySQL Administrator, MySQL Query Browser etc.

3. Free-Of-Cost : MySQL is available free of cost. MySQL  is a "Open Source" database. MySQL is released under an open-source license. So you have nothing to pay to use it.

4. Query Language Support : MySQL uses a standard form of the well-known SQL data language.

5. Capability : Many clients can connect to the server at the same time. Clients can use multiple database simultaneously. You can  access MySQL using several interfaces such as command-line clients, Web browsers.

6. Connectivity and security : MySQL is fully networked, and database can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, so you can share your data with anyone, anywhere.

7. Portability : MySQL runs on a variety of operating systems, such as Unix, Linux, windows etc.

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